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St. Clair MRI Centre 

St.Clair MRI Centre is a leading provider of MRI scanning services in Trinidad and Tobago. We are one of the country's longest independent specialist providers of MRI scans.

Our GE MRI SIGNA 1.5 HDxt is the most advanced in the MRI technology. It also has the strongest magnet and more diagnostic value and higher resolution images

Our qualified MRI technologists, along with our parntership with international Innovative radiologists abroad, allows us to deliver complete and accurate results for scans of :
Joints, Brain, Aorta, Spine, Pelvis,Abdomen,Breast,Sprectroscopy,Functional Brain, Perfusion & Diffusion Studies.

Using Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS), your MRI scans are sent overseas to internationally recognised radiologists and your MRI results are obtained within 24HRS